Our purpose is:

  1. To build a worldwide community where the practical application of the Torah is taught to all peoples, Jew and Gentile.

2. To re-assume the role given to us by the Creator at Mt. Sinai – that of being ohr l’goyim, light to the nations by living the Torah and thus fulfill the promise made at Mt Sinai, “All that the LORD has spoken we will do.” (Ex. 19:8)

3. Our goal as leaders is to help each member learn how to live out the Ten Commandments practically and responsibly, in our daily lives and be willing to support and be accountable to one another.

Our Philosophy:

To bring in Tikkun Olam (healing of the world) means that we must get back to the basics – God’s Ten Commandments at every level of society.

This community is guided by the understanding that the Torah is a living book given to us by the Creator, containing the Ten Commandments, which make up His moral code for all humanity to live in peace and harmony.

Our understanding is that all religion is man-made, and the books written in the Tanach (The Torah, the Prophets, the Writings) amplify the original Ten Commandments, the only words written in stone by the Creator.

There is only one God and one Torah for all peoples. (Numbers 15:16)

All the stories in the Tanach give us a clear message about what happens to humanity when we obey His commandments and when we disobey.  He is a God of mercy and is always ready to forgive when we do teshuva, (return to Him) and He helps us to begin again. To Exercise God’s gift of “Bechirah Chofshit” – Free Will means to be responsible. Our desire is to bring the Ten Commandments back to every aspect of our society so that we can have a healthy relationship with the Creator of the universe, with ourselves, with our family, our community, and our society.