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Very few people have the calling to stand for truth and justice in this day and age. Most people want to be fed a message that makes them feel good. We challenge you to search for truth no matter what the cost. Say no to religion and yes to God. More

Our Community

Join us for Shabbat, High Holidays and traditional holidays. We are building community through casual get-togethers, activities and social aid for community members. As a community we are committed to helping out the members of our community who are in need. More

Counseling Services

Rabbi Netanel ben Yohanan (Percy Johnson) has been a Marriage and Family Counselor for over 40 years. His pre-marital courses have saved people from making the worst mistake of their lives. The study of Torah for the past 40 years gives him the added spiritual insight necessary for a more holistic approach to recovery and healing. More


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