Kehilat Shear Yashuv is an excellent resource for you if you want to:

  1. turn to the God of Israel without a religion
  2. observe the Moedim – the Biblical Feasts including Shabbat
  3. have a better and stronger relationship with your spouse through excellent premarital and marriage counseling
  4. prepare your children for Bar and Bat Mitzvah
  5. be mentored as a leader in your own community of believers
  6. have our Rabbi speak at your congregation
  7. learn Biblical Hebrew


A book by Uriel ben-Mordechai of Jerusalem: “If, the End of a Messianic Lie” addresses Who is Mashiach? How will the Jewish nation recognize him? It can be purchased at:  The author of this book  is attempting to demonstrate that the identity  of Yeshua our Messiah has been marred by prejudice and theological agenda.  Each one will have the opportunity to examine and to decide for him/herself.
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach has written a book “the Kosher Jesus” (  which is well worth reading. He falls short when dealing with Rabbi Shaul (Paul) who has been grossly misunderstood. 
Dan Gruber’s book “Copernicus and the Jews” (available in our bookstore) as well as Nehemiah Gordon’s “The Hebrew Yeshua vs the Greek Jesus” ( are good books to help understand some of the misinterpretations in the so-called New Testament.