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Parashat Behar 5782

It’s a matter of Trust! 20 Iyar 5782     To hear the recorded message click on: Our Rabbi Netanel, Ranebi repeated that the Torah is not chronological, it’s not historical although our history is within its pages. He reminded us that when we read it, to look at it as a mosaic. When we get too close […]

Parashat Behar 5776

If only you have the faith of a mustard seed… you will be able to move mountains…  20 Iyar 5776 In Hebrew there are two interesting sister words: emunah – אמונה which means faith and bitachon – בטחון which means trust. We constantly hear and speak about emunah which our Creator has given to everyone […]

Parashat Behar 5776

 20 Iyar  5776  ב פרש תְּהַר, כ’ אייר, תשע”ו   This book Leviticus was written within a month and is rich in teachings and principles.  Once again I say to you, no to legalism, yes to relationship with the Creator. My intention is that you start thinking for yourself.  I do not want to teach […]