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Parashat Tzav 5783

10 Nisan    Shabbat HaGadol To Obey or not to Obey, that is the Question. Tzav means “command”. Our Creator was commanding His people Israel and here, specifically Moshe, his brother, Aaron the Cohen HaGadol, and his sons.  This one word alludes to the fact that we have Free Will. God wouldn’t command us to […]

Parashat Vayechi 5783

14 Tevet 5783 Speaking to the Heart To hear the recorded message: In Parashat Vayechi, we read the epilogue of the life of Yaakov, Yosef and of Bereshit (Genesis). As I was reading this week’s portion, I noticed that Bereshit begins by turning chaos (Tohu V’vohu) and into order (Tikkun). Where there is order, life […]