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Parashat Vayechi 5783

14 Tevet 5783 Speaking to the Heart To hear the recorded message: In Parashat Vayechi, we read the epilogue of the life of Yaakov, Yosef and of Bereshit (Genesis). As I was reading this week’s portion, I noticed that Bereshit begins by turning chaos (Tohu V’vohu) and into order (Tikkun). Where there is order, life […]

Parashat Vayechi 5782

Do we live a balanced life? This portion Vayechi, “and he lived” alludes to an important part of the essence of being human on this physical plane: LIFE.  Life is a cycle, and there is a saying in Spanish: “There is no evil that lasts 100 years” referring to the fact that life experiences are not […]

Parashat Vayechi 5781

18 Tevet 5781 The Mishnah (Pirkei Avot 3: 1) quotes Akavia ben Mehalalel: “Consider three things, and you will not sin. You must know where you come from, where you are going and to whom you will eventually be accountable for everything you have done”. As I read this portion from Pirkei Avot, I realized […]

Parashat Vayechi 5780

“Life is a Journey, Not a Destination.” Tevet 14 5780 וַיְחִי, י”ד טבת תש”פ This parashah Vayechi ends the book of Bereshit in which we read about the creation of the world by our Bore Olam and our place within it. We travelled from Adam to Noah and the destruction of the world due to […]