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Parashat Devarim 5782

Adapted from Ranebi’s message 5777 9 Av 5782 To listen to Rabbi’s message, click on Why is this world in such a mess? We are beginning the 5th book of the Torah, Devarim, also known as Deuteronomy (Second Law) or as our sages call it, Mishnei Torah, a copy of the Torah. In my opinion, […]

Parashat Matot Masei 5782

2 Av 5782 To hear the recorded message, click on Here is our Discussion following the message: God’s Mercy is so Great! Matot and Masei are two parashiot that often go together, but these two words have opposite meaning. The word “Mate” whose plural is “Matot” means “rod”, “stake”, a piece of dry […]