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Parashat Devarim 5783

Are we being a good example for the next generation? Our parashah begins with “Ehle ha Devarim – These are the Words”. The subject “Who wrote Devarim?” (Words), the last of the five books of the Torah, is much debated by our sages.  Some believe that it was written by Moshe alone but these types […]

Parashat Devarim 5782

Adapted from Ranebi’s message 5777 9 Av 5782 To listen to Rabbi’s message, click on Why is this world in such a mess? We are beginning the 5th book of the Torah, Devarim, also known as Deuteronomy (Second Law) or as our sages call it, Mishnei Torah, a copy of the Torah. In my opinion, […]

Parashat Devarim 5781

The stories in the Torah speak to people at every level of intellect and education. For those who love to delve into its mysteries, there is no end. For those who love to study human psychology, its characters are rife with personalities of every type. We can all find a person in its pages with […]

Parashat Devarim 5776

To obey and to do…… is more important than to memorize and to wait.  9 Av  5776  דְּבָרִים  בלוג The Torah is the Almighty’s revelation to us and is to be regarded as the source of the principles for everyone to live by.   It was not only for that generation that stood at the base […]

Parashat Devarim 5776

9 Av  5776 דְּבָרִים, ט” אב, תשע”ו  פרשת Devarim is the fifth book of the Torah and In Latin it is called Deuteronomy from deutero – nomio or second law. The Hebrew word devarim means the “words” referring to the words that Moshe spoke to his people. It has certain peculiarities when compared with the […]