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Parashat Bamidbar 5782

5 Sivan 5782  Why do we count 50 days to Shavuot? To listen to recording: The journey through the Sinai desert required order, organization, and discipline. The book of Bamidbar contains a considerable number of regulations regarding their physical life in the desert daily as well as their spiritual lives, represented by the Mishkan […]

Parashat Bamidbar 5780

We are Called to Serve, Not to be Served! Iyar 29th 5780 Bamidbar (In the Desert), also called Numbers is a book that deals less with rules and regulations and is more about the development of Israel as a community during their last thirty-eight years in the desert. The journey was supposed to take eleven […]

Parashat Bamidbar 5776

Are you fulfilled with what you are doing? Blog Bamidbar 5 Sivan 5776 In this past Torah portion, Bamidbar (in the wilderness) our Creator orders Moshe and Aaron to take a census in order that the people of Israel could be counted.  Let me ask you a question — are you being counted?  What does […]