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Bereshit 5784

Bereshit 5784 Chao vs Order, Void Vs Fullness, Light Vs Darkness…Choose! In Genesis 1:2, we find a very important element in the story of creation: תֹהוּ וָבֹהוּ “tohu v’vohu” translated as “unformed and void” or chaos. Not long ago, I watched a video of a group of young people whose goal was to destroy anything […]

Parashat Bereshit 5783

27 Tishrei 5783 taken from message from Ranebi on 27 Tishrei  5777    Recording: Do we think the Creator doesn’t see us?  The Torah is filled with stories that hold universal teachings for humanity. One such story is in Parashat Bereshit in Chapter 4, in which we read about two brothers, Cain and Abel, the first […]