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Parashat Ekev 5783

Taken from Rabbi’s message 23 Av 5778 Let us “Dig in our Heels” (ekev) In Parashat Ekev, Moshe is reminding the Israelites about the intense training that they had gone through during their 40 years in the desert.  The main desire of our Creator was to teach them and us principles by which to live […]

Parashat Ekev 5782

23 Av 5782 How do we Balance the Material World with the Spiritual? To listen to the Recorded message, click on–x7Fj2U For this Shabbat, trying to synthesize so much richness in this parashah, Ekev has been a real challenge because when analyzing each verse, it is so deep with application for practical living. The […]

Parashat Ekev 5781

 To hear the Recorded message, click on As Moshe continued his farewell speech, he was reminding the people that if they fulfilled the Commandments, they would live a good life in the Promised Land, but he also reminded them about the times they had worshipped the golden calf, the rebellion of Korach, the sin […]

Parashat Ekev 5780

What are You Afraid Of? Av 18 5780 בלוג עֵקֶב, י”ח אב, תש”פ Ranebi This portion Ekev together with Vaetchanan, emphasizes the first three of the Ten Principles given by our Creator to Moshe Rabenu at Har Sinai. These Ten Principles are divided into three parts, with the first three being mitzvot (commandments) from which […]

Parashat Ekev 5776

What is more important…— the External Appearance or the Real One? Blog Ekev  5776   בלוג  עֵקֶב , כ”ג אב, תשע”ו Most of us spend far more time preoccupied with our outward appearance than with what is inside. I have long been teaching you “say no to religion, yes to the Creator” but the majority prefers […]

Parashat Ekev 5776

23 Av  5776   פרשת עֵקֶב, כ”ג אב, תשע”ו Ekev has many meanings in the Hebrew language depending on the context. It could be translated as “because” or “if” connecting two thoughts. It also means “heel” which as our sages say is the lowest part of the body when we are standing, showing us that we […]