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Emor 5784

This week’s portion Emor, which means “to speak,” contains the following topics: First, the regulations governing the life and offerings of the cohanim; second, the Moedim, God’s Appointed Times in the Jewish calendar – Shabbat, Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur, Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot; third, the ordinance regarding olive oil for lighting the menorah and the […]

Parashat Emor 5782

14 Iyar 5782 To hear our Rabbi’s live recorded message, click on: Parashat Emor speaks of the importance of the role of the kehunat, the priesthood, of Israel.  Moses was told to tell his older brother Aaron that he would be the Cohen HaGadol, the head of this priesthood. How could Aaron have been chosen […]

Parashat Emor 5781

What message am I sending today? Emor 19 Iyar 5781              by Mauricio Quintero From this portion Emor אֱמֹר, which can be translated as “tell them”, there are so many teachings that we can apply to our lives today. It speaks about how the Cohen HaGadol, the High Priest and the cohanim were to behave, so that they […]

Parashat Emor 5780

The Torah is Alive! Iyar 15 5780 This portion, Emor (Speak) deals with the many rules and regulations for the Cohanim. How do we apply this to our lives today? I teach our community to live the Torah, the instructions given to us by the Bore Olam, our Creator. Most of us here have had […]

Parashat Emor 5776

13 Iyar 5776  פרשת אֱמֹר, י”ג אייר, תשע”ו   The world is divided into two parts: those who belong to God and those who do not. The final decision to follow Him is up to us. He extends His Hand to us but He won’t force us.  The Creator formed the people of Israel but […]