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Parashat Ki Tavo 5783

“Strive, Don’t Give Up.” This portion Ki Tavo contains many treasures from which I would like to present a few central themes: The first theme: the Israelites were invited to remember His Divine protection, at all times, going from a past that they didn’t know when it says that an Aramaean wanted to kill their […]

Parashat Ki Tavo 5782

21 Elul 5782 To listen to the message: Preparing for a life together forever …. I remember when I was single, there was no school that could prepare us to live a married life. The marriage that Evelyn, my wife, and I have built together has been the result of trial and error, success, […]

Parashat Ki Tavo 5781

Written in Spanish by Alejandro Alvarado – see Spanish Blogs Translated and narrated by Peggy Pardo This parashah Ki Tavo (When you enter) contains the instructions for what the people of Israel should do “when” they enter the Promised Land. The first thing was to set aside the first fruit of the land’s harvest and […]

Parashat Ki Tavo 5776

Who are we? 21 Elul 5776    כִּי-תָבוֹא, כ”א אלול תשע”ו I have often been asked by Jews and non-Jews “Who are we?”  I have battled with this from the first moment I understood that Yeshua was the Messiah. Every religion that descends from the Torah carries within it their own ideas about who their […]

Parashat Ki Tavo 5776

21 Elul 5776  פשרת כִּי-תָבוֹא, כ”א אלול תשע”ו I have often been asked who we are. The answer to this entails the various functions of the Messiah.  All the religions that descend from the Torah contain ideas about who he is and what they are expecting the Messiah to be.  At the time of Yeshua, […]