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Parashat Ki Tetze 5783

“What has Happened to Human Rights”? This week’s haftarah portion for us is Isaiah 52:13 – 54: 10. Just as a note of interest, our sages removed chapter 53 from the weekly readings due to its controversial nature. It clearly speaks about a figure who we Jewish people have had trouble understanding because of the […]

Parashat Ki Tetze 5782

14 Elul 5782 The Personal Revolution To listen to recorded message, click on As I watch the progression of madness upon this planet, I can understand how frantic Moshe was to give his people as much wisdom as he could before leaving them.  Our Creator has given us the principles of the Torah so that […]

Parashat Ki Tetze 5781

Why is it important to remember? This week’s parashah, Ki Tetze כִּי־תֵצֵא (When you go) contains more applications of the commandments than the others, giving us clear examples on how to apply them in relation to others and to the rest of creation (to animals, the land and even to plants). Unlike Western thought, where the so-called […]

Parashat Ki Tetze 5780

There are No Choices with Moral Values! Elul 9 5780 בלוג כִּי-תֵצֵא, ט’ אלול תש”פ In Parashah Ki Tetze Moshe randomly presents seventy-four injunctions as if he is trying to remember everything that he wanted to say before he left. I challenge you to read them and see to which of the Ten Commandments each […]

Parashat Ki Tetze

“The Personal Revolution” 14 Elul  5776     כִּי-תֵצֵא, י”ד אלול, תשע”ו As I watch the progress of madness on this planet and wonder how we can ever fix things, I begin to understand how frantic Moshe must have felt as he was telling his people as much as he could before leaving them.  Our […]