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Korach 5784

Is Envy destroying your life? “Let me not be included in your council, let my being not be counted in his assembly.” (Bereshit 49:6) This verse refers to the words that Yaakov prophesied on his deathbed, which according to the sages of Israel in Bamidbar Rabbah 18 refers to the advice of the spies who […]

Parashat Korach 5783

5 Tammuz Who do we follow, man or God? The story of Korach, the cousin of Moshe Rabeinu, shows us the conflicts that can arise in our families when we don’t communicate well or clarify our issues, but instead, we attack one another. Concerning Korach’s behaviour, our sages go from completely disagreeing with what he […]

Parashat Korach 5782

3 Tammuz 5782 The Consequences of Envy To hear the recorded message: A rich man once said: “People always want you to do well, but never better than them.” We have also heard the expression “the grass is always greener on the other side“. There is a metaphor about a free bird wanting food […]

Parashat Korach 5781

2 Tammuz 5781 Korach, Datan and Abiram, the principal characters of Parashat Korach, were all first born sons (bechor) entitled to the double inheritance. Our sages say that Korach was quite a wealthy man in Egypt, in fact, in Israel there’s an expression… “as rich as Korach”, meaning he was filthy rich. People of power […]

Parashat Korach 5780

Tammuz 5 5780 Are You Seeking Recognition? The story of Korach – קֹרַח takes place at the end of the second year at Mt. Sinai, where the people of Israel were being formed as a new nation, recently freed from slavery. The Creator began forming this new nation by slowly weaning them away from the […]

Parashat Korach 5776

Are we serving with the right motives? 3 Tammuz  5776  Most of us who live in our western society believe that democracy where majority rules, is the best of all systems. In my experience I have never found this to be true.  Majority imposes itself upon others even when it is wrong.  Our Creator has […]

Parashat Korach 5776

3 Tammuz  5776  פרשת קֹרַח, ג’ תמוז, תשע”ו This parashah is a very crucial and holds the name of a very controversial person. Why would our elders give Korach so much importance by naming a portion after him?  Our Creator clearly shows us that our heroes are shown for whom they really are— human beings […]