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Parashat Metzora 5782

To watch recorded message, click on The Power of the Tongue This week’s parashah, Metzora, is one of the most detailed regarding how to treat various bodily processes that are natural such as illnesses, secretions, etc. and considered to be impure. The book of Vayikra in general, particularly this parashah, not only deals with […]

Parashat Metzora 5776

Doing it the right way!  8 Nisan 5776 The Torah is a book of Truth and contains many beautiful pictures which give us practical teachings from our Creator to live full and rich lives.  This past week we read about the biblical disease tzaraat, known as leprosy and was considered by our sages to be a […]

Parashat Metzora 5776

April 16 2016, 8 Nisan 5776  פרשת מְּצֹרָע, ח’ ניסן, תשע”ו This is the continuation of the last parashah, Tazria which addresses the regulations for the woman after giving birth and is followed by the rulings for tzaraat which has been translated as leprosy. This is not the Hansen’s’ disease that we know today but […]