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Miketz 5784

What is Spirituality? Many people have said to me ‘Oh, I’m very spiritual’; some say it with a lot of pride. But what I have learned from the Torah is that spirituality from God has nothing to do with pride; all our Biblical heroes had to go through experiences that humbled them before they could […]

Parashat Miketz 5783

30 Kislev 5783 Listen to recorded message: Is there more than one Messiah? Tomorrow is Christmas day and the seventh day of Hanukkah. It’s a time of lights and a time of miracles. The Christian world is celebrating the miraculous birth of their Savior, their Messiah.  In the Jewish world, as we light the […]

Parashat Miketz 5782

How Can I Find My Role in Life? When we put time and effort into knowing our children, we soon recognize their God-given innate gifts so that they can each fulfill their role in this world. Even when we as parents do not have the time to properly nurture their talents, the Creator will open […]

Parashat Miketz 5780

Looks are Deceiving 5780 Kislev 30 5780 מקץ, ל׳ כסלו תש׳׳פ In this parashah Miketz, the brothers acknowledge what they did to Joseph when they sold him to Egypt after planning to kill him. They lied to their father and held that secret from him for many years. Joseph had been wrenched from the comfort […]