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Noach 5784

Are we walking with God? This second portion in Genesis begins with Noah, a just, wholehearted man,- תָּמִים) tamim) in his generation. Our sages explain that being righteous meant that he was less evil than other people at that time.  I think that they don’t give him any credit when they say that if he […]

Parashat Noah 5783

4 Cheshvan 5783 Are you building your ark? The Recorded message: This week the tire of my car blew out on the street. I hadn’t changed one for years, and at the beginning I choked a bit, not because I didn’t know how to do the job, but because the lug nuts were so […]

Parashat Noach 5782

Do we follow Humanism or the God of Israel? Today I would like to speak about the Tower of Babel. The Aramaic word “Babel” has nothing to do with languages; it means gate or door and also refers to the first-born son who was called “Baba”, since he opened door for the rest of the children […]

Parashat Noach 5780

What is Noah telling us today? Cheshvan 11 5780 נֹחַ, י”א חשון תש”פ Noah was called a righteous man in a generation that was filled with evil. Our sages say that if he had been born at the time of Avraham Avinu, he could not be compared with him. I look at the Scriptures as […]