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Parashat Re’eh 5783

Do We Have Eyes? Let’s Use Them. This week’s portion, Re’eh describes various topics that are related to sight – to seeing, in other words, “perceiving and correctly interpreting the light waves that we receive”; we make decisions according to what we see. According to modern science, vision occurs when light is processed by the […]

Parashat Re’eh 5782

30 Av 5782 Is anyone listening? To listen to the recorded message, click on In this parashah, Re’eh, God gives us a type of “formula” for the blessing and that formula is to “listen to” God. Hearing is perceiving a sound, which requires a sense of hearing and an auditory system to interpret its […]

Parashat Re’eh 5781

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up! I have tried over these past many years to bring our Messiah Yeshua not only to my own Jewish people but also to the non-Jews.  There is a great misunderstanding in both communities about who Yeshua really was. If we closely examine his Sermon on the Mount in Matthew, […]

Parashat Re’eh 5780

Not All That Glitters is Gold! Av 25 5780 בלוג רְאֵה, כ”ה אב תש”פ This parashah Re’eh (See) begins with a blessing (brachah)בְּרָכָה and a curse (klalah) קְלָלָה. Moshe was warning (tokhechah – תוכחה) his people, for their own good, that if they obeyed the principles that the Bore Olam handed him at Mount Sinai, […]

Parashat Reeh 5776

30 Av 5776  פרשת רְאֵה, ל” אב, תשע”ו The greatest gift that our Creator has endowed us with is “bechirah chofshi” – בחירה חופשי  – free will. This doesn’t mean that we can do whatever we want rather that with free will comes responsibility. I have been asked why I have been focusing so much […]