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Parashat Shelach Lecha 5782

26 Sivan 5782 Recording: “Granting petitions, not whims” As I was reading this week’s portion, Shelach Lecha, which means “send for yourself”, I realized how deceitful our intentions are, and how they can negatively affect us. Our intentions can distort and confuse our requests, so we must be wise about what we ask for […]

Parashat Shelach 5776

In whom do you trust? 26 Sivan 5776   I have been in Montreal since 1992 through highs and lows, having been attacked on all sides but the worst thing I experienced is “lashon hara” – לשון הרע – the evil tongue.  Rashi explained that lashon hara was the reason that the chieftains that Moshe […]

Parashat Shelach 5776

3 Sivan  5776  פרשת שְׁלַח, כ”ו סיון, תשע”ו There are two versions of this portion Shelach here and in Deuteronomy 1 where Moshe gives us a different narrative. In Deut. it looks like the people are requesting that Moshe send the scouts to reconnoiter the land whereas in Numbers it is the Creator to do […]