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Shemot 5784

Who am I? “And these are the names of the children of Israel who entered Egypt……Shemot 1:1.” This verse and the development of this parashah bring to mind the importance of having a name, an identity, an origin, and a future. A main principle in the Human Rights Act of 1959 establishes that “The child […]

Parashat Shemot 5783

21 Tevet 5783 God Formulates His Pattern for Humanity Recorded message: Parashat Shemot begins by listing “ha shemot”, the names of the eleven sons of Israel who went down to Egypt, and their brother Joseph, who was already there. The next part of their journey would transform these brothers from twelves tribes to the nation […]

Parashah Shemot 5782

Don’t allow others to label you! Our Parashah for today is Shemot which means “names”.  I’d like to focus on that word because names are so important. While we are gathering to celebrate Shabbat, millions of people around the world are celebrating Christmas. I wonder how many know that Jesus was a Jew, that his origins began […]

Parashat Shemot

25 Tevet 5781 Exodus 1:1- 6:1 This week, we begin the second of the five books of the Torah, Shemot also called by our sages “HaSefer Hageulah” (the Book of Redemption). Everything that happens in this book takes place within a community, where the main player is the people, unlike the book of Bereshit which […]

Parashat Shemot 5780

Are We Still Limited by our Past? Tevet 21 5780 In Parashat Shemot, the nation of Israel is being developed, beginning with the circumstances that led to the “yetziah יציאה – the exodus” from Egypt. The answer to the question “why did Israel need to be born as a nation from the womb of slavery?” […]