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Hoshana Rabah 5783

20 Tishrei 5783 To listen to the message, click on Sukkot is without a doubt the most colorful of the holidays in the Jewish calendar. This festival lasts seven days during which we are to live in a Sukkah. Throughout our history, our sages have developed a variety of ways to celebrate and to […]

Sukkoth 5781

All that the LORD has spoken, we will do! Today I decided to address our community in the same way that Deborah did in the book of Shoftim, in the day of the judges when she stood in the gap until a strong male leader was willing and ready to accept his role and his […]

Sukkoth 5781

Sukkoth or “Z’man Simchateinu” (The time of our rejoicing) is a festival of remembrance and rejoicing for the miracles that God has performed for us and how He has preserved us. Also known as Hag Asif – חַג אָסִיף –— Festival of the Ingathering is the culmination of all the Biblical festivals. I call Sukkoth […]