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Vaera 5784

Are we Slaves or are we Free? In Parashat Vaera (“He appeared”), the Creator appeared to Moshe saying that He did not make Himself known to his forefathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob asיהוה  Yud Heh Vav Heh (YHVH). This could seem to be misleading because they knew the name YHVH. The verb “to know” implies […]

Parashat Vaera 5783

To listen to the recorded message: 28 Tevet 5783 Who can we blame if we have free will? In this parashah, Vaera “He appeared”, the Creator spoke to Moshe and said that He appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as El Shaddai but that He was not “known” to them as יהוה  Yud Heh Vav […]

Parashat Vaera 5782

Blog Vaera 5782 from RANEBI’s message on 26 Tevet  5778  בלוג וָאֵרָא The Hebrew word Vaera translated as, “he appeared”, holds the understanding, “he revealed himself”.  While wording in the Torah is very important, let’s remember to not take everything so literally but know that it was written in a simple way so that we can glean its […]

Parashat Vaera 5781

3 Shevat 5781  There is only one Unique God As I read through this week’s portion “Vaera” – וָאֵרָא- (And I appeared) in Shemot 6: 2-9: 35, the pshat (direct meaning) that stood out to me was the complex political, social, religious and economic background of that time. When we finished Bereshit, we saw that Pharaoh […]

Parashat Va’era 5780

Are we Slaves to Anyone or Anything? Tevet 28 5780 In this parashah, Va’era which means “He appeared”, the Creator appeared to Moshe and told him that He had made Himself known to his forefathers as El Shaddai, which has the idea of nurturing like a breast-feeding mother (shad means breast) but now the Israelites […]