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Vayera 5784

Can We Turn Hate to Love? When I was in High School, what I loved most about Algebra and Geometry were the formulas.  I kept a record of every new formula and it was like a game where I could plug in the specifications to find the correct answer. Believe it or not, that’s how […]

Parashat Vayera 5783

18 Cheshvan 5783 Am I compromising my integrity? To set the stage of the message for today, allow me to give you a little history about Parashah Vayera. Abram has now become Abraham and Sarai, Sarah. There’s a very interesting narrative in chapters 18 and 22 which are important in light of religions creating and […]

Parashat Vayera 5782

The Recorded message: “The Power of our Actions” This week’s portion is Vayera “And appeared” וַיֵּרָא. In my opinion, this word can also be understood as “the Divine Presence manifested itself” in a situation, in a moment, and a specific person: Abraham. When we get up in the morning, we recite a beautiful prayer called […]

Parashat Vayera 5781

What are We Sowing? Cheshvan 20, 5781 This Parashah, Vayera וַיֵּרָא “and He appeared”, like all the portions of the Torah, tells us stories to help us have a better life. As human beings, we tend to put God in a box according to our understanding and our preconceptions. How often have we heard the […]