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Parashat Balak 5782

17 Tammuz 5782 To listen to the recorded message click on: Our Rabbi taught us to read the words of the Torah, to step back to see the bigger picture like a mosaic after which we are to glean the principles that we can apply to our lives today. This parashah is named Balak […]

Parashat Balak 5781

16 Tammuz 5781 You will know them by their fruit When I was little, I remember that grandmother telling me: “Son, “Don´’t let anyone take you for a ride” i.e., don’t be easily deceived by others. Why? Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the fake from the real. The same thing happens when we buy […]

Parashat Balak 5776

“Prophet or Manipulator?” 17 Tammuz  5776 The Torah teaches us that manipulation is like sorcery and this would best describe Bilaam the Gentile prophet. King Balak realized that Israel could not be stopped from conquering the land through traditional methods or standard weapons as most of the Arab nations are learning today because there is […]

Parashat Balak 5776

17 Tammuz  5776 According to the Midrashim, Balak the King of Moab was actually a Midianite (relative of Moses wife) and being a Moabite was a direct descendant of Lot.  Bilaam the Gentile prophet was a direct descendant of Lavan, the father-in-law of Jacob. In the final analysis, we can say that everything happened within […]