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Chukkat 5784

How can we share someone’s pain without being destroyed by it? Today our parashah is Chukkat, a word from the Hebrew word Chok – חוק meaning statute or regulation. Our sages tell us that we need to accept it by faith since there is no clear understanding of the meaning. They say that even King […]

Parashat Chukkat 5782

10 Tammuz 5782 To listen to recorded message from Ranebi’s 5779 message, click on Are you willing and able to comfort a friend? To listen to the Discussion Group The word Chukkat comes from the Hebrew, chok – חוק meaning statute, ordinance, or regulation, which according to our sages has no logical explanation, and needs […]

Parashat Chukkat 5781

To listen to the Record Message, click on How can we trust our Creator? This portion Chukkat can be a little confusing if we take it simply in its literal sense without understanding the process through which the Creator was taking the children of Israel. From יציאה the yetziah, the exit from Egypt to the Promised […]

Parashat Chukkat – Balak 5780

Do You Compromise the Creator’s Moral Values? Tammuz 12 5780 Chukkat means an ordinance that we do not understand but we need to keep, out of sheer obedience to the Creator. Here we read about the parah adumah – פָרָה אֲדֻמָּ, red heifer, which was “innocent, whole, complete, blameless, simple, etc” (תְּמִימָה t’mimah), about three […]

Parashat Chukkat 5776

The Creator asks us to choose life. 10 Tammuz 5776  If we examine the creeds of many of the religions today we see that most have an obsession with death, placing it upon a pedestal. People are in a hurry to die because life after death is so much better than this one. Many believe today […]

Parashat Chukkat 5776

10 Tammuz 5776  חֻקַּת, י’ תמוז, תשע”ו פרשת In this parashah we jump forward to the 40th year as the Israelites are getting ready to enter the Promised Land. It includes the passing away of Miriam and Aharon, whose son Eleazar will inherit his position of Cohen Hagadol.  Moshe and Aharon will both not be […]