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Behar 5784 edited from 5779

What is holding us back from being the best that we can be? This parashah Behar is the second to last in the book of Leviticus, Vayikra.  So many things have been done to this book by the religious with their banquet of theological ideas. I prefer to develop it as an application for our […]

Parasha Ki Tavo 5782

21 Elul 5782 Se préparer à une vie ensemble pour toujours… Je me souviens quand j’étais célibataire, il n’y avait pas d’école qui nous préparait à vivre une vie conjugale. Le mariage qu’Evelyn, ma femme et moi avons construit ensemble a été le résultat d’essais et d’erreurs, de succès et d’échecs, pas le conte de […]

Parashat Shemini 5782

To listen to message from Ranebi’s message on 29 Nisan 5778, click on link: Who are we trying to impress? Parashat Shemini is a very difficult portion and its stories have been used by religions to promote their own dogmas and doctrines. It is always important to understand the lessons of these stories so […]

Shemini Atzeret 5781

The God of “Beginning Again.” Says Eikhah – אֵיכָה Lamentations 3: 23: “They are new every morning; great is Thy faithfulness”. God gives us the opportunity to begin anew each day. This should be a reason for rejoicing for all of us, that God inherently created the physical world on earth where each day, we […]

Parashat Tzav 5780

A True Offering Nisan 10 5780 Last week in Vayikra “And He called” we learned that He called the community to bring the Korbanot, the offerings to Him. This week in Parashat Tzav, “He commands” Aaron and his children, the Cohanim, how to offer the Korbanot. They would perform and teach this to the community […]

Parashat Vayeshev 5780

Good Communication Brings Good Understanding Kislev 23 5780 וַיֵּשֶׁב, כ”ג כסלו תש”פ The title of the parashah is Vayeshev, which means “And he settled” referring to Jacob, but in reality, he travelled from place to place and never really settled anywhere. Now he would take time to rest and that is when we turn to […]

Parasha Vayetze 5780

Comment savons-nous que Dieu nous parle ? Kislev 9 5780 וַיֵּצֵא, ט’ כסלו תש”פ Quand je dis que je n’aime pas la religion, je veux dire que les gens confondent la religion avec une relation avec le Créateur. La religion donne toutes les réponses aux gens, mais moi, en tant que rabbin, je vous mets […]

Parashat Vayetze 5780

Kislev 9 5780 וַיֵּצֵא, ט’ כסלו תש”פ When I say that I do not like religion, I mean that people confuse religion with having a relationship with the Creator. Religion gives people all the answers but I, as a rabbi challenge you to think for yourself. Religious leaders can be very wise or holy, but […]

Parashat Chukkat 5776

10 Tammuz 5776  חֻקַּת, י’ תמוז, תשע”ו פרשת In this parashah we jump forward to the 40th year as the Israelites are getting ready to enter the Promised Land. It includes the passing away of Miriam and Aharon, whose son Eleazar will inherit his position of Cohen Hagadol.  Moshe and Aharon will both not be […]